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Learning to Love Yourself

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Links to the jeans and shoes here, are posted below for you to shop:-))

Have you ever wondered why it seems like certain patterns keep repeating themselves in your life? If you're dating, you keep attracting and choosing a "certain" type? Or in work you find yourself in the same "certain" situations? Often it simply boils down to self love. Not the egocentric 'I love myself' kind of love, but the kind of love where you break down all the protective barriers you've built around yourself or your heart for protection. When you truly learn to love your soul, you'll drop those barriers and naturally attract others and situations that match your vibration of self love. When we don't, we keep attracting the wrong things. I believe that is actually the Universe nudging us to wake up and get in touch with what's inside. Your Soul.

I've stumbled and fallen so many times in my life, and it took me to reach my 50's to realize all the limiting beliefs I had about myself were holding me back. Things either I was told or just beliefs I developed to protect myself from hurt. A fear of being judged, so I lived my life according to a plan that others expected from me. But none of that was working, and I found myself repeating patterns with people and situations over and over. It wasn't until a very bad relationship ended, with a poster child for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, that I finally realized the link between my choices and true self/soul love with myself. I was attracting things with a low vibration because I didn't believe I was lovable inside, and I was vibrating at a low level.

So what did I do? I got in touch with my inner child, and truly self partnered with her. After all I'm the only one that's going to be with her until the end of time. I told her that anything was possible, and that all her dreams could come true, but only if I dropped the walls and lived an authentic life.

So I'm here to say to you, take a little time and get in touch with "little you". That person inside, that somewhere long ago developed beliefs that you weren't good enough or lovable. And tell that person inside how fabulous he/she really is! And that any dream you have is possible. You just have to learn to love yourself first!



P.S. Details for my outfit above are linked below. Top is from Forever 21.

The shoes are my absolute favorite! They instantly boost my mood, and I love pairing them with denim.

These jeans are a steal and fit true to size!

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