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MindBloom Ketamine Therapy

As a person that’s already helping to transform lives through life and mindset coaching, I was excited when MindBloom gifted me the opportunity to try at home Ketamine treatments for myself. I already know firsthand that one of the biggest challenges I face when working with anxiety and depression in my own clients, is getting them to release the blockages that the subconscious mind does such a good job of creating to keep us feeling safe. But most of that subconscious programming is where our limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns have gotten stuck.  And even though it’s been easy for me to recognize where my clients need help, I’ve had my own set of limiting beliefs and anxieties that has kept me from reaching what I felt like was my full potential. So even though I could feel that I had beliefs that were holding me back, I couldn’t quite release them which resulted in almost daily anxiety. Until I discovered Mindbloom’s at home Ketamine treatments!

So what exactly is Ketamine, and how did it help me? Ketamine has been around since the 1960’s and was approved by the FDA as an anesthetic  in 1970. It’s still widely used today as an anesthetic during surgeries and by EMT’s and first responders for acute pain management. Through its use in these medical settings over the years, it was discovered that many people who previously suffered from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, were reporting a relief or remission of these symptoms! And in some cases this relief was almost immediate after receiving Ketamine as opposed to other traditional treatments which can take weeks and cause a host of side effects. Learning about these potential benefits was enough to make me excited about the prospect Mindbloom had to offer from the comfort of my own home! What I loved most about the experience was that I felt completely guided and supported throughout my entire journey. I met first with my clinician via Zoom, and she did a thorough evaluation of my health and psychological history to see if I was a candidate for Ketamine therapy. After that I scheduled my first session with my guide, who met with me virtually before the session and then again immediately after to help me unpack what I had experienced. I also received a beautiful MindBloom box containing a blood pressure monitor to check my blood pressure prior to treatments, an eye mask to help reduce light sensitivity during treatment, and a journal to track my experience and set my intentions. The medication arrived separately and was a weight based dose, and when taken it’s a sublingual lozenge held in the mouth for 7 minutes. I also received an anti nausea medication taken an hour before treatment to prevent nausea~thankfully I never experienced any!

So you may be wondering how was my experience?! Nothing short of AMAZING! 🌟🤯🌟In my very first session I set a clear intention to be guided toward the core of any limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. And honestly with almost laser like precision I was directed toward significant life memories that were traumatic for me, but I hadn’t thought about them in 40 or 50 plus years, and certainly had never healed their effect on me, until now! Having my guide and clinician both help with post session integration is what makes this treatment so effective. Ketamine has the potential to increase the neuroplasticity of the brain, which then makes it easier to create new thought patterns or behaviors that replace the old ones that have been keeping us literally stuck in a groove that’s not productive. I received 6 treatments in total, spaced a week to 10 days apart. Each session lasted 30-60 minutes and I had a peer monitor present for every session, just to quietly check on me a few times during the hour. Each session brought forth different insights based on my intention set before the session. Immediately after I journaled for 30-60 minutes about my experience, which was helpful for use in integration with my guide. I honestly can’t say enough good things about my personal experience with MindBloom~I feel like I literally found the key 🗝️to some of my limiting beliefs. I feel lighter, the world seems brighter and I’m eternally grateful for this opportunity to work on my own mental health and healing journey. 🙌🏻If you’re interested to see if you might be a candidate for Mindbloom’s at home Ketamine therapy visit them @mindbloom on Instagram and Facebook or

on the web. And I’m also here to answer any questions you have about my journey with MindBloom! Either send me a DM or post them in the comments below. Also, save, share with, or tag anybody you think might benefit from this post and treatment! Sending you all peace, love, light and healing energy😘



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